galvanic plating zinc coating

Owing to their resistance and anodic protection of steel against corrosion followed by the subsequent passivation (chromate treatment), the zinc coats are able to provide a quality anticorrosive surface finish of products with highly decorative appearance maintained.

Zinc coats are chromate treated using agents providing iridescent colour shades:

  • blue chromate (without 6-valence chrome)
  • thick-layer passivation (without 6-valence chrome)
  • yellow chromate
  • black chromate

The precipitated zinc layers shall conform to the customer’s requirements and comply with ČSN EN ISO 2081; layer thickness is ranging from 5 to 20 μm.

We use ZINKOGAL slightly acid zinc coating bath and ZINKOGAL alkali cyanide-free bath.

Max. dimensions of the goods:

    Vyškov Plating Plant: 2000x1000x350mm